Wednesday, 13 January 2016

2016 Goals

Hello everyone! I've decided to do a 2016 goals post for you as I didn't feel like filming a video on it, however I still wished to share them with you!

1. Lose weight - I say this every year but this year I am determined as it is my final year where I can attend county hockey trials and I really want to get in this year. Also I need to get my fitness up hugely for that so...

2. Get into the U17 county hockey squad - this relates to my 1st goal in that I need to lose weight to get my fitness up to (hopefully) get into county.

3. Pass my GCSE's - by this I mean with all A's and A*'s as I know I am capable of doing so, I just need to put my mind to it and focus. 

4. Spend more time with friends and family - this might sound stupid but during the holidays I don't tend to see my friends and by the time it's over, I always feel a little sad about it. So this year, I'm going to see my friends more often! Especially as I'm moving schools and won't see many of them again.

5. Get a job - sounds obvious for someone who's turning 16 in March, however I'm fed up of having to rely on my family to pay for things for me so I just want to get a job so I can pay for my own things. And also I can pay for some things for my parents!

These are 5 of my main goals for 2016. If I'm honest, there are more, however they're smaller, more individual goals which aren't as major. If that makes sense? I'm not sure. Anyways, what are your goals for this year? Let me know 1 thing you would like to achieve in 2016!

Bye x

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Easy, Tumblr Inspired Halloween Treats

Hello! Long time no see haha, I'm trying to get into blogging again as I find that easier to do that filming and editing oops. Today, I am doing a quick and easy Tumblr inspired Halloween treats post, I spent a few hours yesterday baking and creating these 'masterpieces'... Jokes, but I did actually spend a long time on them hahaha. I have 3 ideas for you to choose from, so I hope you enjoy reading this and if you do recreate any of these, let me know on Twitter - @alanajayne6 :)

Rice Crispy Pumpkins:
These were very interesting to make to say the least... It can get very sticky... This recipe makes 12-15 pumpkins.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

5 things that make me happy

There are many things in life which make me happy so I thought I'd share with you my 5 favourite things that make me happy I guess :)

So the first thing that makes me happy is my family and pets. I would share a picture with you but my family is something I wish to keep very personal and private as a) they don't wish to be on the Internet, and b) for certain reasons (which I won't go into) I'm not allowed to so sorry about that :/ anyways my family make me happy because, even though we argue and snap, I know they're always there for me. When I'm down, I can speak to them and they can reassure me. I can always count on them for a good laugh. Especially my mum, who comes out with the randomest (is that a word?) of things haha. As for the family that I don't live with (i.e. my grandparents, aunties, uncles, etc) I can always count on them to spoil me and treat me like I spend every day with them. They may be a long way away in some cases but that doesn't stop me loving them like I do :) I love my pets very much and I dread to think what I'd do without them. My dog is my best friend (sounds cheesy, I know) but I love her to pieces. She always cheers me up, she knows when I'm upset and comes and sits with me for a while and she's just a great laugh. I love her lots :)